Water Purification Filters 

Most studies carried out in major cities show that tap water is not as clean as it is expected to be.Read more about water purification at  best filtration systems   . According to statistics, it has been found that fifty percent of the population suffer from water-borne diseases. It has also been shown that taking of chlorinated water increases the risk of cancer. So that one can be safe from the adverse effects of taking non treated water, it is good to use water filters. 
As the name suggests, water purification filters work to purify water. When one gets the best water purification filter, it gives the assurance that the family is safe and healthy. However, this can only be achieved when one has obtained the most appropriate water filter. Today, there is a variety of water purification technologies and systems in use. Each of the systems has its merits and demerits. One should, therefore, carry out some proper research before settling on the most appropriate system to ensure that the product chosen is one that meets the water purification needs.
Before one can purchase the appropriate purification system, it is appropriate to know the type of substance that causes contamination in one's water system. One of the ways through which one can determine this is by reading the reports of the public works department of the water they provide. Some of the departments even provide test kits to the customers. One can also buy a test kit for themselves or go online and learn how to do it. 
Some of the common substances that cause water contamination include chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, arsenic, radon, and hydrogen sulfide.Read more about water purification at  more   . Most of these substances when in lower amounts are not necessarily harmful but when they are in high concentrations, they may be a health hazard especially for the young children. 
Once one has determined the type of contaminants in the water system, then an informed decision can be made on the type of water filter system that is most suitable to deal with them. One of the water purification filter system that is used is distillation. During distillation, water is passed over a hot coil so that it vaporizes. It is then passed through a cooling chamber where it is converted back to water. This process is mainly used in industries. 
The most commonly used method in water purification filters is reverse osmosis. Through this method, water is made to go through a membrane so that it can be purified. It is an efficient method of removing contaminants.Learn more from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_Purifier.